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Dreem Champions and Titleholders


The Champions of Dreem 

I support the Poodle Club of America and the Canine Health Foundation. 
All testing is listed at http://www.offa.org. 


Dreem began as a dream for me. 
The goal was to own, show, and possibly produce
 some of the best quality miniatures and toys
in the United States. 

I was especially interested in beautiful poodles who could be wonderful companions and who would love to work with me.

I rate quality on 

* health 

* conformation to the AKC standard as set by the Poodle Club of America

* type

* soundness

* temperament
...in no particular order.

It takes ALL of these to make a quality poodle a quality poodle.

In 2007, the 13th home bred champion was finished
and the first finished champion to be from the bred-by-exhibitor class.

The decision was made to register a kennel name to use
for all future puppies.
Dream is Not a name which can be registered
(and I knew that from the beginning.
 AKC has accepted Dreem® .

The name has changed, the players haven't.
 We have the following Champions and Titleholders to present as well as our up and coming future titleholders.


Champions Bred At Dreem

1. Am Ch Dream Hope For Epris

miniature female CHIC #15051

2. Am/U-GrCH URO1 Dream Faith In Freedom BN CD RE CGC TDI VIP-VCX

miniature female CHIC #15052
3. Am/U- CH Dream Legend Truly In Deed CGC

miniature female CHIC#17241

4. Am CH Dream Legend Friends In Deed

miniature female  CHIC#17258

5. AM/Can/CAC/U-BIS/U-GrCH Pickets Fetchin' A Dream RE CGC

toy male CHIC#16445

6. Am/U-GrCH CH Dream Pickets Go Get It RN

miniature female CHIC #22155

AM/U-GrCH Pickets Delight To Dream

toy female CHIC#23627

AM/U-CH Dream Simply Designer Label RN

miniature male CHIC#52067

AM-U-GrCH Dream Simply Designer Class CD RE CGC

miniature male CHIC#36365

AM/U-CH Dream Pickets Double Class RN

toy male CHIC# 33454

AM/U-GrCH Dream Pickets Double Delight CGC

toy female CHIC#42723

AM CH Dream Pickets Sailor's Delight

toy female CHIC#43475
AM/U-CH Dream Class Tennessee Waltz CGC

toy female CHIC#52084

AM CH Dream Class Moonlight Sonata

miniature female CHIC#56849

AM CH Dream Faith Spans Eternity

miniature female CHIC#52820

AM/U-CH Dreem Klasyk Freedom Rings BN RN CGC

miniature female CHIC#59842



17AM CH Dreem Klasyk Back To Pickets

toy female CHIC#62548



Imagine18AM CH Dreem Klasyk Imagine That !!!

toy female at Dreem



19. Am CH Dreem Klasyk Knick Knack Paddywack BN RA CD CGC

toy female at Dreem


20. AM CH Klasyk Dreem Hearts N'Diamonds CGC

miniature female at Klasyk


21.  Am Ch UCH Dreem Klasyk Nothin' Like It OA AXJ CHIC

miniature female owned by Carol Srnka.


22.  Am CH Marlis Dare to Dreem, toy female owned by Eva Marie Mitchell and Karen Korab


23.  Am CH Dream Klasyk Peter The Rock owned by Jon Walker


24.  Ch Dreem Klasyk Yoda  toy male owned by Eva Marie Mitchell and Jon and Sondra Walker







Champions Owned by and/or Finished At Dreem

1. Am/Can/Int Ch Tanzen Muffin's Dream CGC TP

miniature female, our foundation miniature CHIC #14583

2. Am/Can/Int CH Grayco Dreams Do Come True CGC

toy female CHIC# 15053

3. Am Ch Pickets American Dream

toy female CHIC#16447


4. Am/U-CH Pickets Dream Designer RN

miniature female CHIC# 35609

5. Am CH Designer's Fancy Dancer

miniature female (before CHIC, was not reported to OFA)


6. Am Ch Silverado Soars With Eagles

miniature male CHIC# 33752

7. Am Ch Aery Tucked Away At Azlynn

miniature male


8. Am CH Klasyk Dreem From Maestoso CGC

miniature male CHIC# 63824



9.  Am Grayco Loves To Dream

toy male CHIC#58478



Other Titleholders Bred By Dreem


1. Dream Simply Scandalous RN

toy female

2. U-CH Dream Simply Irish Blessing CD RN CGC

toy female CHIC#32179

3. Dream All Over It RA

toy male
4. U-CD Dream Pickets Go Find It CD RAE2 CGC

miniature male


5. Dream Pickets Cashing In RA OA OAJ NAC NJC NCC TG-N TN-N TBAD TG-II CGC

toy male


6.  U-CH Pickets Willing To Dream

toy male CHIC#32069



7.  Dream Class FreedomHasNeverBeenFree CGC TDI

miniature male



8. ARCH Dreem Klasyk Freedom Reign APDT

miniature female owned by Mollie Tunks





karie 9.   UCH Dreem Klasyk Glad You're Mine RN CGC

miniature female


10.  Dreem Klasyk Pal Of Mine CD BN RA



 11. UCH URO-1 Dreem Klasyk Cause For Kindness RN CGC (CHIC)

miniature female


12. Dreem Klasyk Glad All Over RE

miniature male owned by Karen Broomfield


13 UK CH UCD URO-1 Paxton By Design CD RN BN


14.  Dreem Marlis V for Victory NAJ




Other Titleholders Owned By Dreem

1.  U- CH Silkwind Pickets Only Dream RN
toy female CHIC# 23613


 2.  U-CH Grayco Repeating Dreams CGC

toy female CHIC#34374



The Up & Coming! Future Titleholders Owned or Bred

At Dreem






 Dreem Klasyk Glad Heart

miniature female at Sabrina Hower's


Most of the champions and titleholders from Dreem are retired to their own homes.

Check here to see who might be available in the future