Dreem Poodles
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Klasyk Dreem Hearts 'N Diamonds

Born 2/09/11

AMCH UGCH Dream Simply Designer Class CD RE CGC VIP-VC (CHIC) x
Dreem Klasyk Cause For Kindness (CHIC)

Gypsi is the smallest of the litter. 
She truly enjoys being cuddled or rocked.
She has an extremely lovely face.

Sparkle's litter
Gypsi is the silver puppy on the left.
Don't let me fall from here, mommy.

I would really prefer to be cuddled!

And then you have to laugh at the reaction of the puppies when Gypsy decides to leave the chair while we are taking pictures.

uh oh.  Gypsy is going to get into trouble...

Here comes Mommy...We are all being very good puppies!


Joi: It's OK Gypsy.  Mommy still loves us no matter what.
Ronnie:  I didn't see anything and don't know anything.
Sparkle:  I am so good and know Mommy loves me best.

Testing on Sire

Testing on Dam

Pedigree on the Litter