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My dear friend, Rose Marie "Sue" Julig.
In the arms of the Angels.

Sue never spoke badly of anyone and was always willing to help out this "newbie".
When she left this world, she very kindly allowed me to have a litter from one of her fabulous whites, Ch Designer Potpourri. 
Well, Poppy didn't take when she was bred. 
We were afraid she was getting too old, so Sue's daughter Cindy offered me her daughter, Ch Designer's Jelly Bean.

She also allowed Gail at Pickets Poodles to have Ch Designer's Crystal Lite for a litter.
I have Am/ U-CH Dream Simply Designer Label, the pretty silver mini boy from Jelly who finished with 5 majors
Am/ U-CH Pickets Dream Designer, a pretty blue girl from Crystal who also finished with 5 majors.
  Kris Wyncott owns Am/ U-GR Dream Simply Designer Class, a pretty blue boy, from Jelly. 
He won majors all three days of the Duluth circuit, and finished the next weeknd at Paper Cities.

We hope to be able to continue the beautiful Designer lines.

Thank you, Sue, for all you've done to help me over the years.

Rest Easy now.

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In memory of a dear friend, "Sue" Julig

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