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1962 to 1973

We have more pictures for you to enjoy. These are all black and white photos taken in late 1969, 1970, and 1972.

One is of Mimi and Eva taken in 1972 not long before she went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Looking back, I always thought that Mimi was a toy, she always seemed so small.

So, digging out the pictures to make this page, I was amazed to see how big this dear girl really was, she was a mini, and was so smart. 

Also, Mimi loved to do her tricks right up until the very last. This picture was also taken in 1972.

 Mimi didn't see a groomer in the first years of her life. She was trimmed with scissors.

We tried to keep her like the fleeting pictures of the poodles we saw on the Ed Sullivan show.

Now, looking back, I see that we trimmed her feet way too high, but, actually did pretty good in trimming this much loved pet.

Mimi really enjoyed playing and doing tricks, even when she was old. You can see the cataracts in the above pictures.

This is the dog that was totally embarassed the day my dad tied his tie around her neck and made her wear it.

 She was mad because we went out to Sunday dinner after church and chewed his tie.

I don't remember that she every chewed anything after that.


Pictures on this page are of Mimi. 1962 to 1973

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