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Bob's Muffin

Sept 22, 1984 to Nov 15, 1997

This is a picture of Muffin in a tree.

It wasn't the first time or the last time that she climbed a tree after a squirrel.

Once we were on the edge of a pretty deep ravine going down Very Carefully.
There was some deadfall around us.
Out of the corner of Bob's eye he saw a movement and swung over to see if it were a squirrel.

Nope, Muffin, at least 60 feet off the ground.

She was on a recent deadfall that was leaning about 60 degrees and stuck in some upper limbs from the trees below.

We both had a heart attack. 
Finally, very carefully coaxed her to turn around and get back to the ground.  
That may have been the last time she was allowed to climb a tree. 
I don't know, 
I didn't have the heart to go with them after that. 
Sure scared me to death.

The tree in the picture was in Florida at the home of my Mom in Law's next door neighbor.

It had the big V and slanter over just a little bit and she could get way up in that one, I would say about 10 feet.

She had no fear.

Bob is six feet tall and as long as she was in jump down and I'll catch you height, she thought she was OK.



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